Business Continuity

Bad things happen: Natural or industrial disasters, fires, floods, power failures, telecommunications failures, data-processing malfunctions, hacking, malevolence, terrorism...

In a context of globalization ruled by "just-in-time" principles, organisations are in constant competition. The ability to deliver services and products to customers represents a major challenge.

A disruption to the operations, even for a short period of time, can threaten the market share and, even, the survival of an organisation. We believe it is of the greatest importance for all organisations, small or large, to develop a Business Continuity capability that enables facing all situations.


ContinuityLink offers multiple Business Continuity training opportunities in Europe, the Americas and Africa (public or in-house). We offer :

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ContinuityLink helps you implement all components of a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS). Our approach to BCM is based on :

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ContinuityLink has the expertise and tools to audit your BCMS. Our auditors are all certified "ISO 22301 Lead Auditor". We audit your BCMS against :

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